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§1 - Posts and private messages

The Timolia team expects fair and respectful behavior from every player.


All insults are prohibited.

  • Racism: Exclusion, insulting and agitating against other nationalities is prohibited on Timolia and will be banned without warning.
  • National Socialism: National Socialist remarks, slogans and the like are forbidden on Timolia and will be banned without warning.

Advertising and phishing/fraud

  • Server advertising: Server advertising is prohibited. Even sending a server address once can and will be considered as advertising and sanctioned accordingly. Sending an IP or server address via the private chat is allowed as long as you do not harass anyone or actively advertise.
  • Phishing and fraud: To prevent phishing and fraud, private trading on the server is prohibited in any form. This includes the alleged sale of Minecraft accounts, free offers, e.g. of Optifine capes and similar. Skimming off user data such as passwords and e-mails of other users by false promises is a criminal offense and will be reported to the police. Also, permanent exclusion from the Timolia network takes place. This also includes a pure attempt.

§2 - Reports and Appeals


The spamming of reports is prohibited and will be sanctioned when occurring repeatedly. A report must be sent in with proof, otherwise, it will be deleted without warning. - Faking reports: Faking reports of any kind is prohibited and will be sanctioned with a ban.


If a player is banned, he can request evidence or post an apology at any time by creating a supportticket on our Discord. The spamming of appeals is prohibited and will be prosecuted upon repeated occurrence. If a player has a ban time of less than ten days, he cannot write an appeal. If a player is banned for more than 46 days, they must wait until the ban days have expired to 46 days or less before being able tp appeal. Furthermore, each player may write a maximum of three appeals, unless another appeal has been explicitly allowed.

The team reserves the right to sanction certain actions that are not explicitly listed in the rules.

Last updated: January 10, 2023