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Reporting Players and Appealing

Here at Timolia, we do not want to enforce rules which seem to be too narrow-minded to us. We allow provocations such as 'eZ'. Therefore, your time on Timolia will be less filtered than you maybe are used to. Anyhow, every player has to obey our rules. Unfortunately, rule violations do happen sometimes but you can and should report them.

The Report system

With a few commands, you can report a player once they violate our rules. In case they are hacking, teaming or bugusing, you can create a so-called live report. For players who cannot behave well in chat or who advertise, you can create a chat report which saves all public messages of the defendant. Please note that private messages, party messages and friend broadcasts are not logged by our systems to protect your privacy. You can report this kind of message with a screenshot or video of the complete Minecraft window on the forums or in-game via /reportevidence <username> <evidence>.

Command Function
/report <username>, /rp, /chatreport, /chatrp, /chatlog, /cl, /livereport, /liverp, /teamingreport, /teamrp Lets you select a category and creates a report
/reportjnr <ID> Creates a report of a Jump and Run in JumpWorld
/reportbugusing <username> <description> Creates a report about bugusing
/reportevidence <username> <evidence> Creates a report with evidence
/reportinfo <ID> Shows you the details of a report
/reports [page] Opens an overview of your reports
/reportstats Displays the success rate of your reports

Reporting players on the forums

In case a player who violated our rules went offline before a team member could spectate them, you can report the player on our forums with video evidence. Please note that we cannot accept any video evidence regarding hacking reports to prevent abuse. To register on the forums, you can run /register <email> in-game. You can submit your report on the forum "Spieler melden" (engl.: "report players"). You have to attach any sort of evidence to your post. Usually, videos are the only accepted evidence for reports. However, players who violated our rules in chat (only private messages, party messages and friend broadcasts) may be reported with a screenshot of the whole Minecraft window. Of course, you can also use /report in-game.


You can shorten your ban by up to 1/2 of your ban time in case you have been banned for 10 days or longer. If you have been banned permanently from Timolia, your ban days will be lowered to 30. You can write your appeal on the forum "Entschuldigungen" (engl.: "appeals"). If you exceed 46 ban days, you must wait until your ban days have expired to 46 days or less. Please also note that you can only write an appeal in case you have not apologized 3 times during the past 6 months, nor have you already been unbanned in that time period. In case you do not yet have an account on the forums, you can register on the Minecraft server register.timolia.de. Alternatively, you can contact us on Twitter with your appeal.

Prescription of bans

For any rule violation, you will be banned for a maximum of 30 days. After that, you can play on Timolia again. However, the ban days are kept and when breaking the rules again, the newly received ban days will be added upon the old ban days. Once the total sum of all ban days exceeds 30 days, you will be permanently banned.

Since people chance, realize their mistakes and get better, we introduced the prescription of bans. It ensures that the ban days are not kept forever but instead degrades over time. Once you reach 30 ban days or less, you can play on Timolia again. The prescription starts 6 months after the start of the ban. From then on, every month 3 days will be deducted. Therefore, when having been banned for 30 days, after 7 months 27 ban days are left, after 8 months 24 days and after 16 months the ban is fully decayed.

Here you may appeal and here you can get in touch when being banned falsely.

You will find explanations about how to write an appeal or a request for an unpunishment on the forums.