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You can join our Discord server on Here you can hang out with your friends and the community. Moreover, you can also seek for support, report bugs, participate in giveaways and much more. However, if you want to join voice channels, Discord is not the place to go. We offer them on our TeamSpeak server whilst on Discord only chat channels are available. Hereinafter you will find a short overview of the most important information about our Discord server. Everything else you will find directly on the Discord in the channels listed in the category "Informationen".

1 - Verification on the Discord

  • When joining the Community-Discord, you will be assigned the unverified role. By verifying with your Minecraft account you receive a particular role matching your in-game rank and a few new permissions on the Discord. Moreover, you receive the subtitle "Discord Crew" in-game!
  • Once you join the Discord server you will receive a message by our "Timolia Bot". (In case you do not receive any messages, please make sure to allow private messages by all users on our Discord server! With /join the bot will send the message again.) Also ensure to be online in-game and message the bot with /verify <your in-game name>. After that, click on the message which you received in your Minecraft chat.
  • In case you are banned, you can join and verify yourself there.

2 - Discord rules

You can either view the rules of the Discord server in the channel #regeln on our Discord server or here.

3 - The scoring system

How does it work?

The count of all messages longer than a certain minimum length is used to calculate the score.

How often do messages get included in the score?

Depending on the rank of the user, a cooldown between the messages gets applied. Therefore, the score cannot be boosted with spam.

How many points will I receive for a single message?

You will receive 1-20 points – but only if your message fits the requirements to be included in the score.

Where am I able to view my current score?

You can view your current score the resulting rank by writing /rank wither in the private chat with the Timolia bot or in the channel #support. In the same way, you can use /top which shows a list of the top 10 users with the highest rank.

I wrote a pretty long message which was not included in my score

Not all messages from every channel are included. For example, private channels and support chats are excluded.

How many points do I need to rank up?

For the lowest rank, you need 128 points. From then on you always need double the points of the previous rank to rank up. The second rank, therefore, needs 256 points, the third 512, the fourth 1024, etc.

All users who exploit (or try to exploit) this system, e.g. with massive spam, will be reset to 0 points.

4 - Other

Report bugs

Bugs can be reported in the channel bug-reports. The command /bug is used for this purpose.

The following information is important so that the bug can be fixed: - What bug/error is it? - When did the bug occur? (e.g. "on 20.04.19 around 17:00") - Where did the bug occur? (e.g. "on the server games01". The current server is displayed on Tab) - Which Minecraft version are you playing with? Do you use modifications? If so, which ones? - Did the bug occur due to a certain action? - Are you getting error messages? If so, which ones?

If you have a screenshot or a video recording of the bug, you can also attach it. This is often very helpful for us. Please upload them to online platforms, e.g. Imgur for photos and YouTube for videos.


We offer support on this server in chat form. Should the #communitysupport not be able to clarify a question or the concern is related to confidential information, a support chat can be created with /support . In this chat, similar to the TS help channel, individual team members can join and help further. Voice support is not offered on Discord, neither in voice channels nor by voice call or similar. For voice channels and support, our Teamspeak ( and the help channel there are available.

5 - Commands

The following list contains commands you can use with the Timolia Bot.

Command Channel Description
/help Timolia Bot (private chat) Lists all available commands
/help <command> oder /<command> help Timolia Bot (private chat) Shows information about the provided command
/verify <Ingamename> Timolia Bot (private chat) Links your Discord account to your Minecraft account and verifies you
/unverify Timolia Bot (private chat) Remove the link of your Minecraft account with your Discord account
/stats [@name] Timolia Bot (private chat) Displays your or another users Discord stats
/stats all Timolia Bot (private chat) Displays server stats
/lookup <@name> Timolia Bot (private chat) Lists information about a user
/quote <message ID>/<message URL> Only in channels Quotes the provided message
/top Timolia Bot (private chat) and #ranks Displays the top 10 of all users
/rank Timolia Bot (private chat) and #ranks Displays information about your rank
/bug <description> Timolia Bot (private chat) and #bug-reports Reports a bug to the Timolia Team
/support <description> Timolia Bot (private chat) and #support Creates a support channel for you with the provided issue
/idea <idea> Only in #ideas The Bot posts your idea and adds a positive and a newgative reaction