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1 - Website

Two-factor authentication

To guarantee the security of your account, we offer two-factor authentication (2fa). With 2fa your account is protected by an additional code that is generated by a mobile app. This code changes every 30 seconds.

2 - Registration

Setup 2fa

  • Log in to our homepage
  • Go to your account settings (My Account) and go to "Security"
  • Download the Google Authenticator (iOS, Android, Win) app on your smartphone
  • Open the app and then click the plus to add an entry
  • You can add a new entry using the barcode scanner
  • Alternatively, the entry can also be entered manually by entering the "secret"
  • The generated code changes every 30 seconds
  • In order to finally activate 2fa, you have to enter the code on our homepage

If there are any questions, the Timolia team is available.

3 - Forums

You can find the rules of the forums here. Since 31.08.2022 the forum is no longer in use, please use our Discord server instead.

Use of the forums

Creation of threads

There are various sub-forums on the homepage of the forum. For example, there is a separate forum for bugs, appeals, etc., important topics are filtered out from the crowd. Please note the subject areas, incorrectly "classified" threads may be deleted without warning. Press "Post New Thread" in a sub-forum to write your text.


In the upper right corner of the forums, there are two symbols, a speech bubble and a bell. Notifications are displayed above the bell, and you can use the speech bubble to conduct private conversations.

Further information can be found in this post.


From a ban of two days on, you can shorten your ban time by up to 1/2 with an appeal, with a permanent ban your ban time will be reduced to 30 days. You can post your appeal in a supportticket on our Discord. If you exceed 46 ban days, you must wait until your ban days have expired to 46 days or less. Please also note that you can only write an appeal in case you have not apologized 3 times during the past 6 months, nor have you already been unbanned in that time period. If you don't have an verified discord account on our discord, you can register for it on the Minecraft server ''. Alternatively you can send us here on Twitter a DM with your apology.

Since players can change, see their mistakes and improve, there is the so-called prescription of bans. This ensures that the ban days do not remain permanent, but rather break down bit by bit. Once the ban days expired so you have a maximum of 30 ban days left, you can play on Timolia again. The ban stats to expire 6 months after the initial start of the ban. From then on, 3 ban days are deducted from the corresponding ban every month. If you were banned for 30 days, after 7 months 27 days are left, after 8 months 24 days are left and after 16 months you do not have any ban days left.