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The basic idea

Castles is a tactical game in which your objective is to conquer the flags of your enemies. Depending on the gamemode, teams can consist of a maximum of one to four player who start the game in their own castle before proceeding to sprint or ride into the battleground, which consists of small floating islands connected by rickety bridges!

How to play

  • Use /vote <Map> or the options displayed in the chat to vote for your preferred map.
  • The objective of the game is to steal your enemies flags, bring them back into your own base and kill all the enemies afterwards.
  • The enderchest in your base and the chests on the small islands all around your base provide you with gold to upgrade your castle, your shops and bridges.
  • Different shops provide you with different gear to defeat your enemies.
  • As long as a flag stands within your castle your team can always respawn.
  • Should your opponents manage to steal your flag you will no longer respawn. If you die, you can only be respawned when an ally steals a flag from them and brings it back into your base.
  • If a team owns the majority of flags a timer starts counting down until the team wins through their flag power.
  • The game ends when all enemies are dead and can't respawn anymore.

The Ranks in Castles

Rank Points Name
1 8 Stalljunge
2 16 Totengräber
3 32 Nachtwächter
4 64 Kämmerer
5 128 Mundschenk
6 256 Edelmann
7 512 Hofnarr
8 1024 Landmann
9 2048 Heckenritter
10 4096 Ritter
11 8192 Marschall
12 16384 Freiherr
13 32768 Baron
14 65536 Graf
15 131072 Fürst
16 262144 Landgraf
17 524288 ???
18 1048576 ???
19 2097152 ???
20 4194304 ???
21 8388608 ???
22 16777216 ???

Ranks need to be reached by at least one player to be displayed here. Until then, they stay hidden. Names are only shown for the lower levels.

Distribution of points in Castles

  • Players who leave the game before their team was eliminated receive no points.
  • Each kill counts as two points (kills * 2).
  • The conquering of a flag counts as eight points. (Conquests * 8).
  • Winning the game doubles your points. (*2)
  • Having the most kills of the game gives you +15 points.
  • Having the second most kills of the game gives you +10 points.
  • Having the third most kills of the game gives you +5 points.
  • Redistributin 60% of the collected gold into structures gives you +12 points.
  • At the end, the final points are calculated with this formula: 3,5 * √((7 * total points) / 3)


  • Map votes of players with a premium rank count more.
  • Favorite maps can be added to the map voting at any time.
  • With a premium rank players receive up to three times the normal amount of pixels.
  • Before the game starts, any team can be joined even if its already full.
  • Use /togglerank to go undercover and look like a normal user.

Detailed infos about our ranks and their benefits are listed here.

The commands

Command Usage
/jointeam <teamcolor>, /team Joins a team
/kill Kills yourself