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The game concept

Splun is a combination of Spleef and Jump and Run.

And that's how it works

  • Vote with /vote <Map> or with a klick into the Chat for the Map of your choice.
  • Try to stay alive as long as possible with jumping from block to block.
  • All you will touch is going to despawn under your feet.
  • With different items you can change the movement of other players or increase your personal speed.

Special Items

  • Rocket: You can jump higher.
  • Feather: You're not going to destroy blocks.
  • Stone: A levitation platform is forming beneath your feet.
  • Sword: Knock your opponents off the platform.
  • Trank: Fill your opponents with arrows (Nausea effect).
  • Boots: You can run faster.
  • TNT: Blocks you touch turn into TNT.
  • Obsidian: All opponents receive the Blindness effect.
  • Pickaxe: You can mine blocks with a pickaxe.
  • Ender pearl: You receive an ender pearl.
  • Soulsand: All opponents receive the Slowness effect.
  • Golden Apple: You can fly
  • Egg: Throw eggs to spawn blocks.

The ranks in 4rena

Rang Punkte Name
1 64 Noob
2 128 Starter
3 256 Hoppelhase
4 512 Glückspilz
5 1024 Grashüpfer
6 2048 ???
7 4096 ???
8 8129 ???
9 16348 ???
10 32768 ???

The remaining ranks remain secret until the corresponding ranks have been reached. To keep the surprise, only the first few ranks are mentioned by name.

Premium features

  • Map votes of players with a premium rank count for up to four votes.
  • Favorite maps can be added to the map voting at any time.
  • With a premium rank players receive up to three times the normal amount of pixels.
  • Before the game starts, any team can be joined even if its already full.
  • Use /togglerank to go undercover and look like a normal user.

Detailed infos about our ranks and their benefits are listed here.

Arenas and maps

If you like Splun and wanna get creative you can show us your own Splun map by creating a new one. Maps can be submitted in our Discord.