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The game concept

4rena combines PvP with tactical game elements. Prove yourself against three other players with limited items. Choose your equipment anew each round, but remember: The items can only be used once!

And that's how it works

  • Vote with /vote <map> or with a single click in the chat for the arena of your choice.
  • At the end of the voting phase, all players will be teleported to the arena.
  • There are several chests with items available to you, but you can only use them once.
  • Press the button on the redstone lamp to indicate the start of the battle.
  • All players will be teleported into the arena and the last survivor will win the round.
  • If a fighter wins a total of five rounds, he has won the game.

Premium features

  • Premium players have up to four votes in the voting system depending on their rank.
  • Premium players receive up to three times more pixels.
  • Get displayed as a normal player with /togglerank.

You can find out which premium rank offers you which advantages here.

The ranks in 4rena

Rank Points Name
1 64 Camper
2 128 Faustkämpfer
3 256 Schlafmütze
4 512 Holzliebhaber
5 1024 Halbstarker
6 2048 ???
7 4096 ???
8 8192 ???
9 16348 ???
10 32768 ???

The remaining ranks remain secret until the corresponding ranks have been reached. To keep the surprise, only the first few ranks are mentioned by name.

Arenas and Maps

Self-made maps for this game mode can be submitted in our Discord.