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§1 - Built Structures

  • The general rules of Timolias apply to structures of any kind
  • The same applies to texts on signs or in books
  • Structures whose sole purpose is to disturb other players are prohibited

§2 - Griefing

  • Structures that are not built in a claimed area may generally be modified as desired
  • Exploiting bugs to bypass building restrictions is prohibited
  • Erecting unsightly structures without an apparent purpose directly next to another player's plot is prohibited

§3 - Plots

  • Plots with the intention of claiming them to disturb another player are prohibited
  • Plots must be actively used
  • Plots without significant structures from inactive players are removed irregularly
  • The team reserves the right to remove plots if they negatively affect other players' gameplay

§4 - Interactions with Other Players

  • Setting traps for other players is prohibited
  • Intentionally harming other players is prohibited
  • Cheating other players out of items or coins is prohibited

§5 - Bugs

  • Exploiting any bugs for personal gain is prohibited
  • Game-influencing bugs must be reported to the team
  • Reporting serious bugs may result in a reward for the reporters

§6 - Second Accounts/Alt Accounts

  • Second/old accounts may not be used to increase the plot of the main account.
  • Second/old accounts may not be used to purify items from the alchemist for the main account.

The team reserves the right to sanction certain actions (even outside of Minecraft and TeamSpeak servers) that are not explicitly listed in the rules.

Last updated: October 07, 2023