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The basic idea

BrainBow is a teamgame where aim and fast reactions are of the essence. The last team standing wins the game.

How to play

  • Use /vote <Map> or the options displayed in the chat to vote for your preferred map.
  • Up to four teams compete in a game.
  • Every team starts the game in their own base.
  • The whole floor of the map is filled with special blocks. Stand on them while shooting to use their special effects!
  • Redstone blocks will change your arrow into a tnt. Shoot it into the colored score fields above your enemies' bases.
  • If a tnt explodes in your own score field your team loses a heart. If your team lands a tnt in the enemies' fields you gain half a heart.
  • Having no hearts left means not being able to respawn anymore. If all players are then eliminated, the team is eliminated as a whole.
  • The last team standing wins and gains the most points and pixels.
  • Reaching 1000 points in BrainBow unlocks a special trophy in the pixelshop: The BrainBow.

The Blocks

Block Name Usage
Redstone TNT-Block Can explode in the score fields to destroy hearts.
Coal Bomb Kills enemies, can destroy redstone blocks or alreary shot TNTs or be used to boost yourself.
Lapis Lazuli Enderpearl The quickest way of getting around the map.
Smaragd Poison Poisons players in a certain radius. Can be cleared by returning to your own base.
Quartz Snow field Players in the snow freeze and get slowed.

The Ranks in Castles

Rank Points Name
1 64 Bob
2 128 Keine Gefahr
3 256 Glücksschuss
4 512 Amateur
5 1024 Nachwuchsschütze
6 2048 ???
7 4096 ???
8 8129 ???
9 16348 ???
10 32768 ???
11 65536 ???

Ranks need to be reached by at least one player to be displayed here. Until then, they stay hidden. Names are only shown for the lower levels.


  • Map votes of players with a premium rank count more.
  • Favorite maps can be added to the map voting at any time.
  • With a premium rank players receive up to three times the normal amount of pixels.
  • Before the game starts, any team can be joined even if its already full.
  • Use /togglerank to go undercover and look like a normal user.

Detailed infos about our ranks and their benefits are listed here.


If you like BrainBow and wanna get creative you can show us your own BrainBow map by creating a new one. Maps can be submitted in our Discord.