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The basic idea

You are good at Jump 'n' Runs and want to prove yourself? Welcome then! At DNA your goal is to reach the height of 32 faster than anyone else. But that might be harder than it sounds...

How to play

  • Use /vote <Map> or the options displayed in the chat to vote for your preferred map.
  • At the start of the game you are assigned a color. You can recognize your own Jump 'n' Run by it and only use blocks of this color to climb higher.
  • Soon, the first blocks spawn. After you hopped from one block to the next, the first block disappears and there is only one way to continue: forward.
  • Use right click on the block you're currently standing on to set a checkpoint.
  • Each checkpoint slows the time until the next block spawn for you.
  • Some blocks blink in many colors. Those are special blocks. Reach them to collect special items ideal to sabotage your competitors or gain a special advantage.

Special items and effects

  • Snowball: Knocks your competitor off their block.
  • Rotten egg: Makes the target nauseated.
  • Speed: Jump faster and farther with the speed effect.
  • JumpBoost: Jump faster and farther with the jumpboost effect.

The Ranks in DNA

Rank Points Name
1 64 Tastenklopper
2 128 Hindernis
3 256 Bergziege
4 512 Gegner
5 1024 Sprinter
6 2048 ???
7 4096 ???
8 8129 ???
9 16348 ???
10 32768 ???

Ranks need to be reached by at least one player to be displayed here. Until then, they stay hidden. Names are only shown for the lower levels.


  • Map votes of players with a premium rank count more.
  • Favorite maps can be added to the map voting at any time.
  • With a premium rank players receive up to three times the normal amount of pixels.
  • Use /togglerank to go undercover and look like a normal user.

Detailed infos about our ranks and their benefits are listed here.


If you like DNA and wanna get creative you can show us your own DNA map by creating a new one. Maps can be submitted on our Discord.