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The gameplay

Are you a vanilla expert? SurvivalQuest is all about completing as many tasks as possible in a randomly generated Minecraft world. In each round, 25 tasks are randomly selected from over 200 different ones. A new round starts every 2 hours (at every even hour). Defeat the other players in the round or secure your spot on the (monthly-) highscore!

And that's how it works

-SurvivalQuest runs on Minecraft versions 1.16 and above. The higher version allows for more features and a greater variety of tasks to be offered. -The goal of the game is to collect the most points within 45 minutes by completing tasks. -After selecting your first spawn point in the quest book, the tasks for the current round become visible. -Follow the task description to fulfill them. You will need all your Minecraft skills for this.

The Questbook

Your quest book can not only display the current tasks but also includes additional useful features to allow you to fully focus on the tasks: - World Compass: Choose a new spawn point every 8 minutes and teleport to it. - Mobile Workbench: Built-in 3x3 crafting grid and recipe book - for the spontaneous hobby crafter. - Ender Furnace: Don't feel like waiting for cooked meat? Well, neither do we. Just cook your food on the go! - Ender Chest: Inventory issues are a thing of the past. With the quest book, you can access your ender chest anytime.

Sponsors and Lobby Adventure

Sponsors assist you in the game with special starting equipment or unique abilities. Before the game begins, you can unlock a sponsor in the lobby by completing small tasks. Interact with NPCs by right-clicking.

Scoring & Highscore Lists

Do you want to top the highscore? Or simply win the current round against your friends? You've come to the right place!

  • You earn points for completing tasks from the quest book.
  • Harder tasks yield more points than easier ones, and you receive a time bonus for completing tasks earlier.
  • The difficulty of the current round can be seen in the lobby in the quest book (Red = Hard, Blue = Medium, Green = Easy).
  • Bonus points are also awarded for completing each row in the quest book (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal).
  • But beware: Thanks to Keepinventory, dying doesn't lead to a total loss - however, for each unnecessary death, you lose 100 points!

Special Game variants

SurvivalQuest offers a variety of different modes and settings. These various game variations start at specific events or even randomly. You can see which variant has been selected for the current round on the server sign in the lobby. Fortune decides!

game variants description
All4One In this variant, all players work together on a single quest book. This means each task only needs to be completed once. Work together to complete the round! In other words, each task can only be fulfilled once. If you are quick and strategic, you can complete the tasks ahead of your fellow players and secure the most points! ;)
QuickSQ The classic 'Bingo.' Here, the player who completes a row first (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) wins. Completing the simplest and most effective row guarantees you a quick victory!
Small Questbook The small quest book contains only 9 tasks instead of 25. This gives you more time for each task. These rounds are perfect for beginners, impromptu games, or challenges.
Randomizer Know Minecraft inside and out and looking for something new? Then this mode is definitely for you. The Randomizer shuffles the loot tables in each round. This means block drops, mob drops, and fishing drops are completely random every round. If you're lucky, you might even find the drops from a loot chest.
RushSQ In this variant, tasks must be completed in a predefined order. Only the current task is visible in the quest book.
MegaQuest The regular quest book isn't enough for you? In this game variant, all possible tasks are activated and waiting to be completed.


For the special challenge. Handicaps are activated in certain challenges - or create your own challenge on your user server.

Handicap Description
Maximum Hearts The maximum hearts of players (from 10 hearts down to 1/2 heart)
Sleepless This setting disables the day/night cycle. Endless midnight... (with all its inhabitants)
UHC Mode With this option, hearts are not regenerated through eating
No KeepInventory This setting disables the item keeper
No World Compass When this option is active, all players have the same spawn point, and the compass can only be used once at the beginning of the game
Nether Spawn When this option is active, all spawn points on the World Compass point to the Nether
More Vanilla When this option is active, the mobile workbench, Ender furnace, and Ender chest in the quest book are disabled. Tools are no longer automatically enchanted when crafting, and automatic ore smelting is disabled
Empathy When this setting is active, damage you deal to other creatures is transferred to you
YOLO When this option is active, you cannot respawn after an unnecessary death

Events and challenges

In SurvivalQuest, special events and challenges start regularly. You can always find an overview of the current events directly in the SurvivalQuest lobby.

The commands

commands function
/lobbygame challenge Challenge other players to a lobby game
/lobbygame open Open a lobby game with the specified GameId
/news, /sqnews, /sq news Display current news in the chat
/questbook, /qb Open the quest book
/sq info Show the game settings for the current round
/sq kit Get a quest book and lobby items if they have been lost
/sq questbook Open the quest book of the desired player
/sq seed Display the world seed of the current round
/sq team Get information about your team
/sq tpa , /tpa Send a teleportation request to other players
/stats , /statistik , /records , /sq top Display player game statistics
Expert only:
/start, /startgame, /sq start Set various game settings in a private round


  • Premium players receive up to three times more pixels.
  • You will appear as a regular player with /togglerank.

You can read about the advantages offered by each premium rank at hier.