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Premium ranks

Since Timolia is financed entirely by the community, we are grateful for every donation from you. As you should not spend your money on a Minecraft server for no reason at all, you will get a special rank on our network in return! The ranks are available in our shop which you can reach at

What advantages do I have as a premium player?

These features are available to you with your rank:

Pro Pro+ MVP MVP+ Expert
Rank color
Free LabyCoins 210 450 900 1800 3000
Join full servers*
TeamSpeak rank
Discord rank
1vs1: Best of 3
Arcade: Create tournaments 3 Turnierpässe
1vs1: Create Kit-1vs1 tournaments 3 Turnierpässe
1vs1: Change the team color -
1vs1: Blocks as skulls -
1vs1: Additional info-commands -
Create larger parties -
Individual lobby time -
JumpWorld: Set own icon -
JumpWorld: Use player skulls & armor stands - -
Beta tests - -
Mapvoting: Unlock maps - -
1vs1: Best of 5 - -
1vs1: Flawless Death animation - -
1vs1: Create server-wide tournaments - - -
1vs1: Create FFA und Minigame tournaments - - -
Create public parties - - -
Give away 3 days Pro (every 30 days) - - - -
X-times Pixel 1 1,5 2 2,5 3
Free Pixelbooster 1 2 3 5 10
Mapvoting: votes 1,5 2 2,5 3 4
1vs1: Number of kits 1 2 3 4 5
1vs1: Maps slots 1 2 3 4 5
1vs1: Maximum team size 3 4 5 6
JumpWorld: Multibuild 3 3 3 6 6
JumpWorld: Map slots 1 2 2 2 3
JumpWorld: Entity count 32 48 64 96 128
Arcade: Select favorite games 1 2 2 2 3
Exclusive Pixelshop items 27 31 48 54 64

*Further information about the kick system can be found here.

The sponsor ranks symbolize our gratitude towards players, which especially financially support Timolia. These ranks cannot be purchased in the shop, but are assigned manually from a certain amount (see table).

Sponsor: (Level 1) Sponsor: (Level 2) Sponsor: (Level 3)
Requirement 250€ 500€ 1000€
Subtitle: Sponsor-Level 1
Subtitle: Sponsor-Level 2 -
Subtitle: Sponsor-Level 3 - -
exclusive Phantom-Pet -
exclusive rank color (Pink) - -

Important: Purchases made before May 31, 2022 are not included in this rule!

How do I get this rank?

If you have qualified for a sponsor rank, register on our Discord (Link) in the #support channel or send an email to (corresponding proof of purchase must be present!)

Gift cards and Pixelboosters

Besides the premium ranks you can also get gift cards and Pixelboosters in our shop.

With our gift cards, all ranks and pixel boosters available in the shop can be purchased. They can also be freely combined with other vouchers and payment methods and can be used in our Buycraft system over several payment transactions, should they not be fully used in the first payment. The purchased gift cards will be sent by email and can be handed over digitally or freshly printed.

With Pixelboosters you not only multiply the number of pixels you earn yourself, but also those of your friends and fellow players in joint rounds. Once purchased, you can activate the Pixelbooster ingame in the Pixelshop under your items. Duration and strength depend on which booster you chose during the purchase - but with the given choice there is certainly something for everyone! Now the question remains, what happens if you already have a rank on Timolia: Very simple! In addition to the Pixel you receive due to your rank, you'll get the Pixel of the booster added on top, so you can earn more pixels than ever before.

The payment methods

You can support Timolia with a donation either by Buycraft (PayPal, bank transfer). Payments via Buycraft are processed directly on the server.

Click here to donate via Buycraft (


Important for donations via Nitrado Donations via Nitrado have to be processed manually and can therefore take up to 24 hours.

To donate via Nitrado, you need to have your own Nitrado account. You can create one here on the official Nitrado website. As soon as you are logged in, you can select "Donate" in the upper menu.

Please enter Timolia as receiver. In order for us to correctly process your donation, please provide us with the following data in the Purpose field:

  • Your current in-game name
  • Your current rank
  • Your desired rank
  • Payment x/y, if you divide the total amount into several partial amounts

The amount can be selected according to the desired amount of the Paysafecard.
Please note that you have to write out the + of Pro+ and MVP+, because Nitrado cannot handle the + character!

Example: You can specify an upgrade from Pro to MVP+ (45 Euro) with 3 Paysafecards like this:
Receiver: Timolia
Reason for payment: MCExpertDE, Upgrade from Pro to MVP Plus, Payment 1/3

Please note that money that has already been deposited to the Nitrado account cannot be donated to Timolia!

I did not receive my rank, what can I do?

Payments can take a while - especially if the purchase was made through Nitrado. If your rank is still not there 24 hours after placing your order, please contact us in out support channel. After providing a few details about your purchase, the order will be processed by a responsible team member. Since this process must be done manually, it may also take a few hours.

Do I keep my rank after a name change?

Since not only the name but also the UUID is saved when you make a donation, your rank will be preserved even after a name change. Please always enter your current name to avoid complications!

Can I transfer my rank?

No, all ranks are bound to the account and cannot be transferred. If you made a mistake while placing an order, please report it as soon as possible, otherwise another account may keep your rank.

Will my rank be refunded??

Money that was paid for a rank is usually not refunded by us.