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The game concept

Play alone or in teams against your opponents in 1vs1. Choose your own or other kits and find out in fair fights who is the better one. The kit can be freely assembled from everything that the creative inventory, anvil and enchantment table have to offer. "Hackerkits" can be created via the black market vendor, these contain modified items. Work your way up the career ladder in our ranked system and become the highest-ranked player on the server. Challenge other players or teams or take part in a tournament and prove yourself to other players.

And that's how it works

  • In the kit area, you can create your kit and change it as often as you like.
  • With a right-click on the queue, kit settings and options can be selected and changed.
  • By left-clicking with the diamond sword on the queue zombie you can enter the queue.
  • A left-click on a player challenges him to a duel, a right-click invites him to join a team.
  • Force the end of a fight with '/endmatch'. You can find more information here.
  • Blocks burst after 15 seconds in every tournament and ranked match, in regular games when /endmatch is used.
  • Clicking on the ghast tear in the hotbar provides an overview of all arenas in the lobby
  • With a right-click on a player currently in a fight, you can watch the fight from his perspective.
  • The redstone comparator offers settings for queuing, kits, maps and fights as well as various options for the lobby and chat.
  • To find even fairer matches even faster, you can play against players on all servers in the global queue.
  • All fight statistics can be viewed with /statsmenu or by clicking on the stats skeleton in the lobby.

Ranked system

Work your way up the ladder in our ranked system and reach the highest rank on the server. There are a total of 10 ranks to achieve. All players have an assigned value in 1vs1, the ranked points. If you win a match, they increase, if you lose a match, points are reduced. Your rank is determined by the amount of points you have. The exact point limits for the individual ranks can be shown ingame with the command /ranks. All information about your current rank and points can be found under /season.

Rank Points
1 0 - 1399
2 1400 - 1499
3 1500 - 1599
4 1600 - 1699
5 1700 - 1799
6 1800 - 1899
7 1900 - 1999
8 2000+

Calculation of the points

For each of the 6 ranked kits of a season there is a separate ranking list. The Elo is calculated independently for each ranked kit. Your global ranked points, which determine your rank, are the average of your ranked points in each kit. You start with 1300 Elo in each kit. For winning games you get Elo credited, for losing games you get Elo deducted. How exactly the Elo is calculated in our system, you can find out here.


At the end of each season, all ranked leaderboards and points are reset, the top players of the last season are displayed in the PvP lobby. All statistics (including yours) of the last seasons can be viewed in-game with /season [number]. In each season 6 ranked kits are offered. You can see which ones are currently available and how long the current season will last with /season. The 6 kits consist of 3 kits that are given by the team and 3 kits the community can vote for. This voting takes place in the last week of the previous season.

Win streaks

Earn additional Pixel with win streaks and buy great items in the Pixelshop with them. Players with premium gain more Pixel.

Win streak Pixel
3 wins 3 Pixel
6 wins 6 Pixel
10 wins 10 Pixel
15 wins 10 Pixel
20 wins 15 Pixel
30 wins 30 Pixel
40 wins 30 Pixel
50 wins 40 Pixel
60 wins 40 Pixel
70 wins 40 Pixel
80 wins 40 Pixel
90 wins 40 Pixel
100 wins 50 Pixel

After 100 consecutive victories, the rewards do not increase, you will receive the same reward after every 10 consecutive victories. With the command '/winstreak' you can view your current win streak. Note: Your win streak only increases if you play via the queue.


FFA is a tournament format where all players fight against each other on a shared map with the same starting equipment. Depending on the settings of the tournament creator, the players have multiple lives. With a new life, they get another chance, but they don’t get any new materials. Therefore, the tactical distribution and use of the equipment is an important part of the game. As the name (free for all) suggests, each player fights alone against the others, so any form of assistance or favoritism for another opponent is forbidden during the whole tournament.

Friday tournaments

Every Friday at 20:00 there is a big Timolia tournament. It can be entered with /join Timolia from any 1vs1 server. The tournament is broadcasted live by a streamer. The respective streamers and kits will be announced on Twitter and the Timolia Discord. The winner will have the opportunity to win the MVP rank for one month. If he accepts the risk-match against the streamer and wins it, he can even win 2 months. However, if he loses, he only gets half a month. Additionally, the top 3 receive a medal and a respective subtitle. Also, every player who makes it to the final server will get 3 days Pro!

End match

With /endmatch the end of a fight can be forced. Once this command has been executed, a fight will only last one minute. Whoever was closest to the middle on average in the last 30 seconds wins the fight. This command cannot be used in a tournament, of course. /endmatch can only be used after a specified time which is different for different kits.
Here you can find an overview of the minimum playing times until end match:

Kit Time
1Bar 60 seconds
Basic 45 seconds
NoHitDelay 60 seconds
OP 60 seconds
PotPVP 300 seconds
Sniper 300 seconds
Soup 300 seconds
Standard 45 seconds
UHC 180 seconds
SG 180 seconds
Own kits 30 seconds

Premium features

  • While normal players can only save one kit, premium players have up to 5 slots available depending on their rank. When selecting a map pool, normal users have access to one and premium players up to 5 slots depending on their rank.
  • Premium players can also create tournaments (/create) and teams with more than two players. Some ranks can even start server-wide 1vs1 tournaments (/create).
  • Premium players get up to three times more pixels.
  • Put on your head in the kit area with /hat items in your hand.
  • Choose your team color with /team setcolor.
  • Get displayed as a normal player with /togglerank.

You can find out which premium rank offers you which advantages here.

The commands

Command Description
/bestofx <Spieler> <Anzahl> Duel a player (best of 3/5)
/challenge <player>, /c Duel a player
/compare <name> <name> Shows stats of two players
/endmatch The fight ends after one minute. The player closest to the middle for the longest time wins
/importkit <number> Imports one of your kits in the kit area
/join <name> Joins a tournament
/join <name> <password> Joins a password protected tournament
/kit, /k Opens the currently selected kit in your inventory
/kit <name(:1/2/3/4/5)> Selects the kit of another player
/kitinfo Shows information about the currently selected kit
/kits Lists all kits created by Timolia
/lastinv <player>, /inv Shows the last inventory of a player
/leave, /l Revoke a challenge
/liveinv <player>, /liveinventory Shows the current inventory of a player
/matchinfo Shows information about the current fight
/queue, /q Adds you to the queue
/rankinfo, /ranginfo Shows information about your current rank
/season [number] Shows the kit of the current or provided season, leaderboards, your points and ranking
/settings Opens the settings
/spectate <player>, /spec Spectate the fight of a player
/stats Shows your stats
/stats <name> Shows the stats of a player
/statsmenu [name] Opens the stats menu
/surrender Kill yourself and end the match early
/t Shows information about the tournament
/team accept <name> Joins a team
/team invite <name> Invites a player into your team
/team kick <name> Kicks a player out of your team
/team leave <name> Leaves a team
/winstreak, /streak Shows your current win streak
/xp <Level> Sets an XP-level for your kit
Premium only:
/create [Passwort] Creates a tournament (optionally with a password)
/modify Creates the tournament settings
/near <kit> [name] Shows the distance to the next rank for each kit ranking
/start [Zeit] Starts your tournament
Pro+ only:
/hat Sets the currently held item as the helmet of your kit
/rankinfo Displays information about your current global rank
/roadToKD <KD-Ziel>, /roadToWL <KD-Ziel> Zeigt die Anzahl zu gewinnender Spiele an, um die K/D zu erreichen
/team setcolor Dyes your name according to the provided color

Arenas and Maps

Self-made maps for this game mode can be submitted in our Discord.