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All Commands

All commands which you can use on the server are listed below. Variables that are marked with <> are needed, those marked with [] are optional.

1 - General commands

You can use these commands globally at any time.

Command Description
/achievements, /ach Lists an overview of all achievements
/bannotify Deactivate notifications concerning your ban days
/discord unverify Remove the verification and connection between your Minecraft and Discord account.
/games Teleports you to the games servers
/help Shows the most important information about Timolia
/hub, /lobby Teleports you back to the hub
/joinme Opens the JoinMe-menu, e.g. to create a JoinMe
/jointeam <Team-Farbe>, /team Joins a team in Castles, Brainbow and Mineception
/lang <language> Select your language
/lookup <player>, /lu Shows login information about a player
/msg Allows msg's from friends only, no one or everyone
/msg <player>, /m Schreibe mit einem Spieler im Privatchat
/present <player> <Betrag> [Nachricht], /gift, /donate Allows you to give away pixel during Christmastime
/quickjoin <game mode> Joins a game mode via command
/rank Shows your current ingame rank and its duration
/register <e-mail> Register on our webseite
/stats [1,3,30,all] Shows your stats in most of the game modes
/teamspeak, /ts Shows the TeamSpeak-IP and lets you verify and manage your identities
/top Shows the top 10 players of the past 30 days in a certain game mode
/tutorial Stats a tutorial (not in all game modes available)
/vote <number> Vote for a map in a game mode
Premium only:
/togglerank, /tr Be displayed as a usual player
Pro+ only:
/ptime <day/night/midnight/sunrise/noon/afternoon/sunset/reset/hh:mm> Switch the time for yourself
/pweather <sun/rain/reset> Switch the weather for yourself
Expert only:
/giftpremium <player> Give away 3 days of Pro to any player (every 30 days)
VIP only:
/nick Allows you to nick yourself
/unnick Allows you to unnick yourself
YouTuber only:
/forcemap Force a certain map during a game with a voting system
/giftpremium <player> Give away 3 days of Pro to any player (3 times per day)
/nick Allows you to nick yourself
/startgame Starts a game
/unnick Allows you to unnick yourself
/vanish, /v Allows you to vanish yourself in 1vs1, JumpWorld and in other lobbies

Report system

Command Description
/report <player>, /rp Lets you choose a category and creates a report
/reportbugusing <player> <description> Creates a report about bugusing
/reportevidence <player> <evidence> Creates a report with evidence
/reportinfo <ID> Shows all information about a report
/reportjnr <ID> Creates a report about a Jump and Run in JumpWorld
/reports [page] Opens an overview of your reports
/reportstats Shows the success rate of all of your created reports


Command Description
/fixkickvalue, /fixkv Resetz your kick value. Information about how the kick system works is available here
/myspawn Sets your own individual spawn point in the lobby
/resetmyspawn Resets your own individual spawn point in the lobby
/stats <player> Shows the stats of a player
/stats <player> <player>... Allows you to compare the stats of multiple players
/spawn Teleports you back to the spawn of the hub
/sync {0, 1, 2...], /armorsync Synchronizes the color switching armor from the PixelShop

Friend system

Instead of /friend you can also use /f.

Command Description
/friend <player>, /friend add Sends or accepts a friend request
/friend broadcast <message> Sends a broadcast to all currently online friends
/friend deny <player> Denies a friend request
/friend ignore <player> An ignored player cannot send you any friend requests
/friend list, /friends Shows a list of all your friends
/friend remove <player>, /friend rem, /friend delete, /friend del Removes a player out of your friend list
/friend requests, /friend req Lists open friend requests
/friend teleport <player>, /friend tp Teleports you to a friend
/friend toggle Shows an overview of all settings
/friends online Shows all currently online friends

Party system

Command Description
/party Creates a new party or opens the party management
/party demote <player> Demotes a moderator to player
/party help Shows all commands of the party system
/party invite <player> Invites a player into your party
/party join <player> Joins a party
/party leave Leave the current party
/party promote <player> Promotes a player to moderator
/party togglechat Switches between party chat and public chat

Two-factor authentication

With two-factor authentication, you can prevent third parties from accessing your account on Timolia. When logging in, you are asked for a code which is regenerated every 30 seconds by your smartphone. Therefore, only people who have physical access to your phone can verify. In case you lose your phone, you can log in using backup codes, which you receive when settings up 2fa.

Command Description
/2fa Shows all commands of the two-factor authentication
/2fa buc Lists all unused backup codes
/2fa disable Deactivates the two-factor authentication
/2fa logout Kicks you from the network and logs you off securely
/2fa setup Sets up the two-factor authentication


The following list contains commands you can use with the Timolia Bot.

Command Channel Description
/bug <description> Timolia Bot (private chat) and #bug-melden Reports a bug to the Timolia Team
/channel invite <@name> or /channel remove <@name> Timolia Bot (private chat) and private channel Invites/removes a user to/from your private channel
/help Timolia Bot (private chat) Lists all available commands
/help <command> oder /<command> help Timolia Bot (private chat) Shows information about the provided command
/idea <idea> Only in #ideen and #discord-ideen The Bot posts your idea and adds a positive and a newgative reaction
/lookup <@name> Timolia Bot (private chat) Lists information about a user
/quote <message ID>/<message URL> Only in channels Quotes the provided message
/rank Timolia Bot (private chat) and #ranks Displays information about your rank
/stats [@name] Timolia Bot (private chat) Displays your or another users Discord stats
/stats all Timolia Bot (private chat) Displays server stats
/support <description> Timolia Bot (private chat) and #support Creates a support channel for you with the provided issue
/top Timolia Bot (private chat) and #ranks Displays the top 10 of all users
/register <in-game name> Timolia Bot (private chat) Links your Discord account to your Minecraft account and verifies you

2 - Commands of each game modes


Command Description
/bestofx <Spieler> <Anzahl> Duel a player (best of 3/5)
/challenge <player>, /c Duel a player
/compare <name> <name> Shows stats of two players
/endmatch The fight ends after one minute. The player closest to the middle for the longest time wins
/importkit <number> Imports one of your kits in the kit area
/join <name> Joins a tournament
/join <name> <password> Joins a password protected tournament
/kit, /k Opens the currently selected kit in your inventory
/kit <name(:1/2/3/4/5)> Selects the kit of another player
/kitinfo Shows advanced information about the currently selected kit
/kits Lists all kits created by Timolia
/lastinv <player>, /inv Shows the last inventory of a player
/leave, /l Revoke a challenge
/liveinv <player>, /liveinventory Shows the current inventory of a player
/matchinfo Shows information about the current fight
/queue, /q Adds you to the queue
/rankinfo, /ranginfo Shows information about your current rank
/season [number] Shows the kit of the current or provided season, leaderboards, your points and ranking
/settings Opens the settings
/spectate <player>, /spec Spectate the fight of a player
/stats Shows your stats
/stats <name> Shows the stats of a player
/statsmenu [name] Opens the stats menu
/surrender Kill yourself and end the match early
/t Shows information about the tournament
/team accept <name> Joins a team
/team invite <name> Invites a player into your team
/team kick <name> Kicks a player out of your team
/team leave <name> Leaves a team
/winstreak, /streak Shows your current win streak
/xp <Level> Sets an XP-level for your kit
Premium only:
/create [Passwort] Creates a tournament (optionally with a password)
/modify Creates the tournament settings
/near <kit> [name] Shows the distance to the next rank for each kit ranking
/start [Zeit] Starts your tournament
Pro+ only:
/hat Sets the currently held item as the helmet of your kit
/rankinfo Displays information about your current global rank
/roadToKD <KD-Ziel>, /roadToWL <KD-Ziel> Displays the number of games to win to reach the K/D
/team setcolor Dyes your name according to the provided color


Command Description
/join <player> Joined a public tournament
/last Shows the recently played game modes
/leave Leaves a tournament
/rot Shows the game rotation
Premium only:
/create Creates a tournament
/invite <player> Invites a player to your tournament


Command Description
/jointeam <team color>, /team Joins a team
/kill Kills yourself


Command Description
/accepttpa <Spieler>, /accepttphere Accepts and allows a player to be teleported to you
/backpack, /bp, /ec Open your personal backpack
/claim Claim the chunk you're in
/foodmenu Opens the food shop
/home Open the Teleport Points menu
/missions Gives you access and overview of all active missions
/removebinding Removes the curse of binding from all armor pieces
/settings Opens the Freebuild settings
/spawn Takes you straight to the spawn of the Freebuild world
/tpa <Spieler>, /tphere <Spieler> Sends a request of teleport to another player
/trade <Spieler> Starting a trade with another player
/tutorial Shows you a Freebuild introduction
/unclaim Releases your chunk
/workbench, /wb, /crafting Open a workbench for you


Command Description
/b Opens the build info menu
/checkpoint, /fall, /kill Teleports you back to the last checkpoint
/duel accept <player> Accept an invitation to a duel
/duel invite <player> Invites a player to a duel
/duel kick <player> Kicks a player out of the duel
/duel leave <player> Leaves the duel
/enter <ID>, /e <ID> Join a specific Jump and Run
/join <player> Joins the Jump and Run which [player] is currently playing
/jump Toggles between jump and build mode
/kit Gives you thed efault items in build mode
/leave, /l Leave the current Jump and Run
/setblock, /sb Places the currently held block underneath you
/setstart Sets the spawn point of your Jump and Run
/top <ID> Shows the leaderboard of a specific Jump and Run (ordered by time)
/top <ID> -f Shows the leaderboard of a specific Jump and Run (ordered by fails)
Premium only:
/multibuild <3,6>,
/mb <3,6>
You can place up to 3 (Pro and higher) or up to 6 (MVP+ and higher) blocks at the same time
MVP only:
/skull [name] Gives you a player head


Befehl Funktion
/backpack, /bp Opens the shared inventory in team UHCs
/config Lists the current configuration of the UHC
/coordinates, /coords Sends a message to your team partners containing your coordinates
/dragons <Spieler> With the Dragons scenario being active, the host of the UHC can spawn an end dragon at the players location
/fix This allows you to reload all players
/helpop With this you can always ask the team questions about the current UHC
/invite <Spieler> With this you can invite players to your team at team UHCs
/inviteaccept <Spieler> With this you accept team invitations at team UHCs
/scenarios, /scn, /uhc Shows you the active scenarios
/showhealth <Spieler>, /h <Spieler> Displays the lives of the specified player
/topkills, /top, /tk Shows the player(s) with the most kills