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How to apply

Here you can find out more about whether and how you can apply in the area of Administration, System-Administration, Development, Moderation, Support, Building or Content.

Administration, System-Administration and Moderation

These ranks are only given to active team members. External persons cannot apply for these ranks. They take great responsibility in organizational and administrative areas and their positions require intensive knowledge of Timolia's internal structure.


With an email to you can apply as a developer at any time. Detailed knowledge of Java and the Spigot API, experience in using Git, ability to work in a team, basic knowledge of the English language and a minimum age of 14 year are required. Your application should contain your in-game name, a short description of yourself, a description of your skills and competences and contact information. We also ask you to give us access to sample code you have programmed. Ideally, this should be hosted on GitLab, GitHub, or a similar platform, as we do not accept sample code as a file. We are especially interested in clean, well-commented code that reflects your skills. You should also make sure you follow the Java conventions.

As a Developer+ you have many years of experience as a developer on Timolia and are available to answer internal questions about development. Therefore, applications for this rank are not possible.


If we look for new team members in the area of support, we check which players are the most active on the network while standing out positively. By the latter we mean, among other things, to have good report statistics, not seriously having violated our rules and being activity on other platforms, as on the forums, TeamSpeak and Discord (possibly also on Twitter).

In addition to that, there is the possibility to send an unsolicited application, which should include your in-game name, an introduction of yourself and descriptions of your previous experiences, by email to We try to complete the application process as soon as possible. However, please note that this process may take more than a month. Please also note that you must be at least 14 years old to submit a unsolicited application and join the Timolia team.

Since the Supporter+ rank represents a promotion for very experienced supporters, applications for this rank are not possible.

Builder / Timolia Creative

Are you familiar with Building, Modeling, MC Bedrock Scripting and/or Texture Design and do you want to contribute to these areas and further improve yourself? At Timolia Creative you have the opportunity to work on exciting projects that can go far beyond the usual building.

Are you interested? Apply anytime with a compelling portfolio by email to Please note that you must be at least 16 years old to join the Timolia Creative team.

The HeadBuilders form the management of the builder team on Timolia. Since they are team members with many years of experience and very good knowledge of Timolia's team structures, an application for this rank is not possible.


You can apply as a Content by e-mail to It is important to you send us your in-game name, a short personal description, an overview of your previous work/experiences as well as examples to your work. Depending on the creative area you want to apply for, you will need the following knowledge:

Social Media

  • Basic knowledge of image design and image editing
  • Basic knowledge in video production, editing and other post-production for the main focus of (YouTube/TikTok) video production
  • Knowledge of the design and the creative structure of Timolia

Game Design

  • Independent brainstorming and implementation of concepts
  • Extensive knowledge of the new Minecraft Java Edition versions
  • Good verbal and written skills in the German language
  • Quality assurance of the implemented ideas & concepts

Please note that you must be at least 14 years old to apply as a Content.

YouTuber and VIP

As the Timolia team, we offer you, as a content creator, the opportunity to apply for two different ranks. These provide you with access to exclusive premium features and useful in-game tools. You can read about the requirements for these ranks right here.

Premium ranks

Timolia has several premium ranks. You cannot apply for these. As a thank you, every player receives a rank when he donates a certain amount of money to Timolia. You can find out more about premium ranks here.