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The basic idea

Time is money and you don't have enough of it! Everything here costs time - weapons, armor, f, potions, everything. If your time runs out you die, so you should better get that time management going!

How to play

  • All players recieve a certain amount of time at the start of the game. The clock starts running down as soon as the Timekeeper is called.
  • All over the map villagers offer you trade deals for your precious time.
  • In the middle of the map the villagers are replaced after a while to offer new items.
  • Once you've run out of time you die, but you have plenty of options to gain some time back!
  • Hitting another player with a clock steals some of their time and adds it to your lifetime.
  • After a few minutes the middle starts sparkling - it now fills your time up again as long as you're the only one standing there!
  • When a player dies their remaining time is redistributed evenly between all remaining players.

Special items

  • Timesafe: Rightclicking a timesafe refunds you between 90 and 190 percent of the time you spent on it!
  • Timekeeper: Buying and klicking a timekeeper ends the grace period.
  • Clock: Hitting another player with a clock steals some of their time and adds it to your lifetime. A normal hit steals 10, a critical hit 15 seconds.
  • Compass: Always points to your next enemy.

The Ranks in DNA

Rank Points Name
1 64 Zeitverschwender
2 128 Trödler
3 256 Sekundenzähler
4 512 Minute-Man
5 1024 Mann der Stunde
6 2048 ???
7 4096 ???
8 8129 ???
9 16348 ???

Ranks need to be reached by at least one player to be displayed here. Until then, they stay hidden. Names are only shown for the lower levels.


  • Map votes of players with a premium rank count more.
  • Favorite maps can be added to the map voting at any time.
  • With a premium rank players receive up to three times the normal amount of pixels.
  • Use /togglerank to go undercover and look like a normal user.

Detailed infos about our ranks and their benefits are listed here.