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1 - General

What is the IP of Timolia?

You can join Timolia using the server address Enjoy your time on our network!

Do you have a TeamSpeak server?

Yes, we do have a TeamSpeak server! You can join it using the server address There you do not only have support channels for quick support but also public areas where you can meet new friends! All further information is provided in our TeamSpeak explanation.

Do you have a Discord server?

Yes, we do have a Discord server! You can join it via Here you can hang out with your friends and the community. Moreover, you can also seek support, report bugs, participate in giveaways and much more. All further information is provided in our Discord explanation.

Hasn't there once been a Citybuild?

It all started on May 7th, 2010 when Tim founded Timolias City build. Unfortunately, it had to down on December 16th, 2018. All further information is provided here.

What happened to the 1.8?


Arcade will be updated in the future to 1.20, it is currently uncertain, when it will be available again.


Both PvP servers have been merged. This means that 1.8 and 1.9+ players/clients can compete against each other. Which combat system you use depends on the kit setting. You can adjust the kit settings in the Kit Creator in the 1vs1 lobby.


The maps from the JumpWorld 1.8 server are still available in our database. For the last two years it was possible to export the map to the new JumpWorld server. As of now, it is no longer possible to transfer maps from JumpWorld 1.8, but it is planned that this will be possible again in the long term.

Which ranks are there?

  • Administration: These team members form the leadership of Timolia. They take care of administration, organization and team management.

  • Developer+: They have many years of experience as a developer on Timolia and are available for internal development-related questions. They also take care of Timolia plugins, develop new features and game modes, and address potential gameplay issues.

  • Developer: Developers take care of Timolia plugins, develop new features and game modes and fix bugs (oh sorry, we really mean features) features on Timolia.

  • Moderator: Moderators are long-term and outstandingly experienced team members who have unique knowledge in their respective fields. They serve as internal contacts for questions and often coordinate individual areas of responsibility.

  • Supporter+: They have comprehensive specialized knowledge and are available for all questions and reports. They are the first to whom players can turn with their concerns.

  • Supporter: Supporters are available for all basic questions and reports and are the first to whom players can address their concerns.

  • HeadBuilder: They lead and organize the builder team and act as the first point of contact for all builders. Moreover, they take care of the selection and training of new builders and are the link between the builder team and the general project organization.

  • Builder+: Builder+ take on additional organizational responsibility through their high level of experience in both level design and the team. For example, they manage projects or are the contact person for new builders.

  • Builder: The builder team creates new maps and lobbies for all occasions and game modes on Timolia. They supervise the architectural design of new game modes and manage external map submissions.

  • Content: As a creative streak, they are responsible for a wide range of interests from graphic design to translation.

  • YouTuber: YouTubers are people in the Minecraft scene who have become known through YouTube (in some cases also Twitch). For smaller YouTubers there is the rank VIP. All further information is provided here.

  • Premium-R√§nge: Players with one of our permanent premium ranks get certain benefits. You can find out what advantages each rank offers you here.

Everything about applications can be found here. If you have problems with your premium rank, you can find help here.

Who supports me when I have questions?

When you got any questions, we do not only love to support in-game but also both on our TeamSpeak and Discord server. We are always happy when someone approaches us and hopefully, we can help you with your problems or comments. You can also contact us on the social media platform Twitter where our social media team supports you all around the clock. We would also be happy to support you on our Discord. There you can tell us your concern at any time in the #support channel.

How does the kick system work?

We have a very complex and unique kick system to give both premium and normal players a great gaming experience without waiting forever. Each player receives an individual "kick value" when joining the network, based on the in-game rank. The higher the rank, the higher the "kick value". A player with a higher kick value kicks the player with the lowest kick value if a server is full.

Rank Kick value
User 0
Pro 300
Pro+ 400
MVP 500
MVP+ 600
Expert 800
Youtuber 900

When e.g. an Expert joins a full server, a random player with the lowest KV is sent back to one of the game lobbies. Their kick value automatically increases by 1. Thus, the next time it is more likely that they will not be kicked because the other players now have a lower kick value. As soon as a game starts, each player is assigned their standard kick value again.

Where can I appeal?

If you have been banned for at least 10 days, your ban can be shortened by up to 1/3 of your ban time, if your excuse is well written. You can post your appeal on our Discord, alternatively you can also send us a DM here on Twitter. Caution! If you have been banned twice for hacking or have more than 46 ban days, you first have to wait until your ban days have expired to 46 days or less. Furthermore, you can only apologize if you have not already apologized 3 times in the last 6 months, nor if a ban has already been lifted in that time period. You can verify your discord account via the Minecraft server if you have not already done so. You can read more about appeals here.

What are achievements?

Achievements can be collected while playing on Timolia. You can find an overview of all achievements with the command /achievements.

From where do I get the Timolia Optifine cape?

From where do I get the Timolia 5zig/LabyMod capes?

2 - Games

Where is teaming allowed?

In 4rena and InTime, teams are explicitly prohibited, in BrainBow teaming is only tolerated between two teams. Anyone who plays the Timolian Games has no consequences to fear. You can find more information in the official rules].

How do I ...? How does ... work?

In each lobby of the game modes, you will find an exact explanation in your inventory, which explains the respective game. Of course, you can also read everything here in our HowTo.

Where can I submit maps?

You can submit your maps on our discord channel #ideas. All maps are examined by team members, especially by our builder team.

May I use maps from Timolia?

We do not offer any maps that you can find on our network as a download, as it is not welcomed to distribute our maps without prior consent. However, we will not take any action against the use of our maps, so we ask you to mention the builders if you should use a Timolia map.