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The game principle

Epic battles with up to 100 players and varied scenarios are guaranteed here! Choose your favorite scenario and fight alone or in a team to the last man. Craft your own equipment and fight the battles in your own way.

That's how it works

The main goal the game is to eliminate all opponents and survive as the last lone fighter or as the last team. Each UHC has its own scenarios (e.g. Fireless = no fire and lava damage; NoClean = 30s protection time after a kill; free-for-all or teams) that significantly change your environment and gaming experience. These scenarios can be viewed before the game starts on the Timolia Discord or on the Twitter account can be viewed. At the beginning of the game, all players are spawned on a vanilla map. During the pre-determined protection period, you can calmly prepare for the upcoming battles and farm your equipment. In the tenth minute of the game you are healed one last time. After the protection time expires, PvP is enabled. You should take care of yourself from now on! The longer the game lasts, the smaller the playable map becomes. The border surrounding the playing field gradually decreases. If you find yourself outside the border after shrinking, you will be teleported back onto the playing field.


After being eliminated from the round, Premium players have the option to continue spectating the gameplay.

The Scenarios

Here you can find all UHC scenarios and their meaning.

Scenario Meaning
1.7 Enchantments Enchantments are not visible in the enchantment table. Also, you don't need lapis lazuli.
Absorptionless Golden Heads and Apples do not give absorption hearts
Apple Kill Each player gets 3 golden apples at the end of protection time, as well as 2 golden apples after each kill
Auto Torch Torches are set automatically in dark environments
Backpack Allows shared inventory in team UHCs (/backpack or /bp)
Bandits If you hit a player, you have a 5% chance of getting an item from their inventory
BedBomb Beds explode as soon as you try to lie down
Birds All players can fly
Blocked Blocks You can no longer dismantle blocks you have placed yourself
Bloody Diamonds Mining a diamond deals half a heart of damage
Bloody Enchantments Each enchantment deals half a heart of damage
Bowless Allows for a UHC without a bow
Cold Weapons You cannot enchant your weapons with flame and fire aspect
CooldownPvP There is a cooldown between the hits - similar to 1.9
CutClean Ores and food are already being smelted/roasted
Daylight Circle Each time a player dies, the time of day alternates between day and night
DecreaseHearts Each player has at most as many lives as there are players
Diamondless Diamond ore drops are disabled, but you get one diamond per kill
Dolphins You're faster in the water
DoNotDisturb No other player can attack you while you are in battle with another player
Double Jump You can use double jump
Dragons The host can use /dragons to spawn an ender dragon on each player
DropAllItems All inventory items are dropped every 30 seconds
Elimination Every 10 minutes the player with the lowest health dies. If several players have the same number of lives, nobody dies.
Enchanted Death Enchantment tables are disabled. Your equipment improves through kills.
ExplosiveArrows Arrows explode when they hit their target
Fireless There is no fire/lava damage
Fire Focus You do double damage to other players when you are on fire or poisoned
Get Away You gain Speed ​​2 for 30 seconds when you kill a player
Golden Heal At the beginning of the game, each player receives a golden pickaxe, which can be used to completely heal one time
Goldless There are no gold ores, but you get 8 gold per kill
Gold Digger In each ore you will also find 1 gold nugget
Hastey Boys Each tool has efficiency and durability 3
Healing Kill After each kill you regain full health
Heart Upgrade After each kill, your maximum life increases by one
Horseless Enables a UHC without horses
Hungerless You are never hungry
Hydrophobic You take damage when you are in the water
Ice Core Lava below level 16 is replaced with ice
IncreaseHearts Each player starts with 1 life, which increases by 1 each time a player dies
Instant Head Player Heads are your favorite food, giving you Speed ​​2 for 10 seconds
Interval Damage Every 10 minutes each player takes 2 hearts of damage
Killswitch A player's killer takes over the inventory of the killed one
Limited Inventory You can only use the hotbar. The rest of the inventory is locked.
Low Life Each player starts with half a heart and a notch apple
MiddleEnchants Enchantment tables are disabled except for four in the center
MobileCraftingTable Open your mobile workbench with /workbench
Multi Ores Double ores when mining
Natural Regeneration Natural regeneration is activated
NoClean After each kill you are invulnerable for 30 seconds
NoEnchant No enchantments
NoFall No fall damage
Only Golden Apples Each apple that drops is a golden apple
OpSword You can craft a diamond sword with Sharpness X
Ore Apples Golden apples can be crafted with all ore blocks
Ore Limitations You can only mine 64 iron ores, 32 gold ores, and 16 diamond ores
Regenerating Kill After a kill, the player gains Regeneration II for 10 seconds
Rodless A UHC without a fishing rod
Shared Damage If a player takes damage, their teammates also take damage
Shared Heal When a player is healed, their teammates are also healed
Show Health Displays current lives above each player
Sniper Arrows fired from more than 30 blocks do double damage
Soup Soup Healing is activated (2 hearts)
Starter The UHC begins for everyone with iron armor and tools
Switcheroo When a player is shot (arrow, egg, ...), the positions of the two players swap
Tank The first 3 times you would take damage, you are spared
Timber Trees are destroyed immediately
TimeBomb After a kill, a chest containing the opponent's items will spawn and explode after 30 seconds
Toplist Every 10 minutes you regenerate 2 life and gain 2 extra hearts until you take damage. Then you have to kill a player to get life again.
Turtle If you sneak, you only take half damage
xRay-Pickaxe This pickaxe can be crafted and right-clicked to turn all nearby rocks into glass for a short time
Zombie Death When a player dies, a diamond-armored zombie will spawn at their location


Command Function
/backpack, /bp Allows shared inventory in team UHCs
/config Lists the current configuration of the UHC
/coordinates, /coords Sends a message to your teammates with your coordinates
/dragons <Spieler> When the 'Dragons' scenario is active, the host of the UHC can spawn an ender dragon near the player
/fix With this you can reload all players
/helpop This allows you to ask the team questions about the UHC at any time
/invite <Spieler> This allows you to invite players to your team at team UHCs
/inviteaccept <Spieler> Use this to accept team invites at team UHCs
/scenarios, /scn, /uhc Shows you the active scenarios
/showhealth <Spieler>, /h <Spieler> Displays the specified player's lives
/topkills, /top, /tk Displays the player(s) with the most kills