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The game concept

A total of twenty mini-games can be played in Arcade, variety and fun are guaranteed. Compete individually or in tournaments against your fellow players and win most of the games.

And that's how it works

  • In an arcade lobby, all twenty minigames rotate continuously.
  • Each minigame requires different skills and challenges you to the fullest.
  • You can prove yourself both in individual fights and in tournaments.

The minigames


The object of this game is to defeat your opponents in a duel. You fight against another player one by one, the last survivor wins the minigame.

Anvil Crusher

The object of this game is to be the last survivor. Every second, more anvils fall out of the sky. You have to dodge them. Tip: Set your FOV as low as possible or use the zoom!


The object of this game is to survive the longest. With the keyboard, the character can be controlled through the map. Blocks that block your path can be blown up with TNT. The TNT can be placed with the space bar. On the map, you can find power-ups like multiple bombs, higher range and speed.


The object of this game is to be the first player to hit the button on the gold block 64 times. The gold block changes its position after each hit or miss. The correct aiming is very important in this game.

Color Clock

The object of this game is to reach the one color field at the edge of the map whose color falls from the ceiling in the middle of the arena before the time is up. It is important to decide tactically whether it is still worthwhile to run to the next color field or whether you prefer to run directly to the next field. The order of the colors is indicated in the middle by wool blocks lying on top of each other.

Cube Builder

The object of this game is to build the largest solid cube in time, the total time available is randomly chosen beforehand. The particles limit the building area and help you to build the cube. If the cubes of different players are the same size when the game ends, the player who has completed their cube the fastest wins. Tip: The particle settings should be set to "all".


The object of this game is to escape the electricity. It flows through the iron bars and is marked by a glass pane. If it flows through you, you will be pushed off the grid. The last remaining player wins this mini-game.

Fast Bridging

The object of this game is to build the longest way in a random time. If you jump down, you will have the blindness effect for a short time and you cannot pick up any blocks.


The object of this game is to be the first player to get five points. With the music disc, you can change your gravitation so you can progress. The next point is shown in the compass. The five colored glass blocks also show you the next point. Important: You have to run through the points in the correct order.


The object of this game is to get down - with only half a heart! The first one to reach the goal wins.

Kabelsalat (cable clutter)

The object of this game is to be the first to connect two cable ends and to bring the flow of electricity to 100%. You can manipulate other cables by cutting them with scissors. If two current-carrying cables touch each other they explode, you can prevent this by using an insulated cable.


The object of this game is to be the first player to reach height 16. By left-clicking on a block you can set a checkpoint. The more checkpoints you set, the longer it takes to spawn new blocks.


The object of this game is to gain the highest score. Questions all about estimation and arithmetic need to be solved.

Rubik's Cube

The objective of this game is to solve most of the Rubik's Cubes within a certain time. A Rubik's Cube is considered solved when all sides of the cube have only one color each. You move the cube by left- and right-clicking on the colored fields.

Sammelfieber (the joy of collecting items)

The objective of this game is to collect the most varying items after the time runs out. The world in which the game is played is randomly generated and limited to 24x24 chunks. The scoreboard shows how many different items have already been collected. At the end of the game, the winner's inventory is displayed.


The objective of this game is to knock down as many opponents as possible. For each kill you get two points, for each death you lose one point. With the boost, you can save yourself once. The player with the highest score wins.


The objective of this game is to survive the longest. The players' minecarts leave traces of glass behind. As soon as the track of an opponent or an obstacle is touched, you die.

Turmspringen (platform diving)

The objective of this game is to gain the highest score by jumping into water holes. Depending on the size of the waterhole you get one, two or three points. If you do not manage to jump into the water, you lose one point. The game ends when after a certain amount of time no one lands in the water anymore.

Wegweiser (signpost)

The objective of this game is to be the first to reach the opposite side. To reach the goal, you have to follow the colored glass blocks. The longer you wait, the faster and farther you will be shown the way. If you jump onto a wrong block or fall into the water, you have to run from the beginning to your last block.

YouTube Quiz

The objective of this game is to guess most skins from YouTubers in the fastest possible time. You have to throw snowballs at the skin template to make the pixels of the skin visible. The first player to guess the name of the skin gets three points, the second player gets two points. All other players receive one point each for guessing. A total of eight rounds are played.

Premium features

  • Create public tournaments with /create.
  • Premium players get up to three times more Pixel.
  • Favorite two or three games.
  • Get displayed as a normal player with /togglerank.

You can find out which premium rank offers you which advantages here.

The commands

Command Description
/join <player> Joined a public tournament
/last Shows the recently played game modes
/leave Leaves a tournament
/rot Shows the game rotation
Premium only:
/create Creates a tournament
/invite <player> Invites a player to your tournament