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§1 - General

In general, the same rules as for the Timolia Minecraft-Server apply to our Discord.

§2 - Support

The exploitation of support chats (e.g. by creating a chat several times without a valid reason) is prohibited. It is also forbidden to deliberately misrepresent information and to troll other users in community support.

§3 - Behavior in text channels

The Timolia team expects fair and respectful behavior from every player.


All insults are prohibited. - Discrimination: Exclusion, insulting and agitating against other nationalities, ethnic groups, religions, sexualities, minorities or other groups is prohibited on Timolia and will be banned without warning. - National Socialism: National Socialist statements, slogans and similar are forbidden on Timolia and will be banned without warning.

Advertising and phishing/fraud

  • Self-promotion: Self-promotion on the Discord Server is allowed, provided that it is not intrusively placed or spammed.
  • Server advertising: Server advertising is prohibited. Even sending a server address once can and will be considered as advertising and sanctioned accordingly.
  • Advertising for hack clients, posting of account data: Advertising for prohibited Minecraft client modifications, posting of alt account lists and general account data is prohibited and will be sanctioned accordingly.
  • Phishing and fraud: To prevent phishing and fraud, private trading on the server is prohibited in any form. This includes the alleged sale of Minecraft accounts, free offers, e.g. of Optifine capes and similar. Skimming off user data such as passwords and e-mails of other users by false promises is a criminal offense and will be reported to the police. Also, permanent exclusion from the Timolia network takes place. This also includes a pure attempt.


The spamming of messages is prohibited and will be punished according to its severity.

Usernames & profile pictures

Offensive, insulting and in any form discriminating user- and nicknames, as well as profile pictures, are prohibited. Furthermore, it is forbidden to impersonate another user or team member through the user/nickname or text messages.

§4 - Discord Bot

Exploiting the functions of the bots and possible bugs is prohibited. The intentional crashing of the bots and the bypassing of e.g. spam protection, bans and mutes are also prohibited.

§5 - Penalties on the Discord Server

Depending on the type and severity of the offense, temporary mutes, bans from certain areas of the Discord Server and temporary or in severe cases permanent bans from the entire Discord server are possible. In extreme cases, misbehavior on the Discord can also lead to penalties on other Timolia platforms, such as the Minecraft network or the TeamSpeak.

§6 - Private Messages

Private messages are outside our server and therefore outside our responsibility and cannot be sanctioned.

The team reserves the right to sanction certain actions that are not explicitly listed in the rules.

Last updated: January 10, 2023