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The basic idea

JumpWorld is your creative playground to create own Jump 'n' Runs or play cool parcours made by the community!

How to play

  • The rocket in your hotbar opens the search menu. Explore the thousands and thousands of Jump 'n' Runs already created!
  • You know what you want? With /enter <ID> you can enter a Jump 'n' Run as long as you know it's ID.
  • Use /duel invite <Spieler> or hit them with your sword to invite players into a duel!
  • The Jump 'n' Run of the day can be reached through the big nether portal near the spawn.
  • Each Jump 'n' Run contains a golden pressure plate marking the finish of the map. Iron pressure plates are checkpoints.
  • While in a Jump 'n' Run you have some useful items in your hotbar:
  • The red dye resets you. You start again from the last checkpoint.
  • The second item in your hotbar allows you to toggle the visibility of other players in the Jump 'n' Run.
  • After finishing a Jump 'n' Run you can rate in in three categories: Creativity, Jumps and Looks.
  • Wanna explore the Jump 'n' Run without bothering with difficult jumps? Use /spec to activate fly mode. You will not be able to finish a Jump 'n' Run in spectator mode.

The Jump 'n' Run of the day

At midnight, the parcour of the day is announced. To become Jump 'n' Run of the day a parcour needs to:

  • be published between 8 pm on day X-4 and 8 pm on day X-1
  • have a finish rate of 10% or higher considering all players who tried to finish it.
  • have at least 25 ratings
  • have a better raiting than any other parcour meeting these criterias

Build mode

  • The firework star in your hotbar shows you your building slots. Premium ranks can have up to three building slots!
  • If you want to build with friends invite them into a duel before entering the map you want to work on.
  • When getting started you can choose between a void map and different presets to build your map on!
  • The command /b gives you access to special blocks. Portals and pressure plates can be edited via right click.
  • /setstart defines the start of your Jump 'n' Run, /setblock sets a block right below you. Very handy for void maps.
  • To publish your map it needs to have been completed at least once by yourself. Choose the option "Test Jump 'n' Run" in the building slot menu!
  • The building slots menu also contains an option to rename your Jump 'n' Run.
  • You can place up to 500.000 blocks in a Jump 'n' Run.


  • With a premium rank players receive up to three times the normal amount of pixels.
  • Depending on the rank players can use up to three building slots.
  • MVP or higher: Armorstands und player heads in buildmode.
  • Pro or higher: Place up to 3 blocks at a time with multibuild.
  • MVP+ or higher: Place up to 6 blocks at a time with multibuild.
  • Depending on the rank players can use up to 128 entities.
  • Use /togglerank to go undercover and look like a normal user.

Detailed infos about our ranks and their benefits are listed here.

WorldEdit Commands

You can find information about the commands available to you here.


On this website, you have the opportunity to search for Jump and Runs (JnRs), view their top times and ratings, and, if you are also online in-game, join the JnR directly by clicking the "Join" button. You can find the JumpWorld Browser here. There are also regular events featured on the site!


Command Usage
/b Opens the info-menu in buildmode
/checkpoint, /fall, /kill Teleports you back to the last checkpoint
/duel accept <Player> Accepts a duel invite
/duel invite <Player> Invites a player into a duel
/duel kick <Player> Kicks a player out of a duel
/duel leave <Player> Leaves a duel
/enter <ID>, /e <ID> Enters a Jump 'n' Run
/join <Player> Enters the Jump 'n' Run [Player] is currently in
/jump Switches between build- and jumpmode
/kit Gives you the starter items in buildmode
/leave, /l Leaves the current Jump 'n' Run
/setblock, /sb Places the block you're holding right below you
/setstart Sets the start of your Jump 'n' Run
/top <ID> Shows the top times of the Jump 'n' Run with the ID [id]
/top <ID> -f Shows the runs with the least fails for the Jump 'n' Run with the ID [id]
Premium only:
/multibuild <3,6>,
/mb <3,6>
You can place up to 3 (starting at Pro) or even up to 6 (starting at MVP+) blocks at once.
MVP only:
/skull [Name] Gives you the skull of a player.