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With the TeamSpeak server IP you can join our TeamSpeak server. There you do not only have support channels for quick support but also public areas where you can meet new friends!

1 - Verification on TeamSpeak

  • When connecting to the TeamSpeak server for the first time, you are a guest by default. Guests can join into the support channel and the zones specially set up for unverified users.
  • When joining the TeamSpeak, a bot messages you and asks you to verify. Tell it your in-game name to verify and thus to be able to use all areas of the TeamSpeak. If you have any issues to do so, please join the support channel and let us know so we can help you.
  • If you have a premium rank it automatically synchronizes when you verify.
  • If you are banned, you can join and do the verification there.

2 - TeamSpeak rules

You can either view the rules on the TeamSpeak in the channel "TeamSpeak Regeln" or here.

3 - Behaviour rules in support channels

  • Please do not be impatient. You have to expect to wait for up to 15 minutes.
  • Be respectful and do not insult team members. We also ask you not to play loud music.
  • Describe your problem exactly so that we can help you quickly.
  • If you come up with stories which are not correct at all or if you do mischief, you have to expect a ban.

4 - Private channels

We offer temporary channels for rent on our server. How? You can find out more about it here:

How do I create my private channel?

You get a channel by contacting a team member in TeamSpeak. It is best to join the support channel. Team members with the TeamSpeak icon are responsible for private channels. A private channel can also be requested in the support section of our community Discord.

Price of a private channel

The costs of a private channel depend on their duration:

Duration Price
7 days 300 Pixel
30 days 1000 Pixel
60 days 1960 Pixel
90 days 2880 Pixel
120 days 3760 Pixel
150 days 4600 Pixel
180 days 5400 Pixel

How do I get a channel icon?

  • A channel icon costs an additional 750 Pixel per month.
  • The maximum runtime corresponds to the channel runtime.
  • Caution! The runtime of the icon is adapted to the channel. Therefore, you could be paying the full price of the channel icon while you only get to use the channel icon for half a month because the channel expires beforehand. For that reason, it is highly advisable to always extend the runtime of the channel before extending the runtime of the channel icon.
  • Only the head of the Minecraft skin can serve as a channel icon - not a self-created icon.

Rules for a private channel

  • A channel has a maximum runtime of 6 months.
  • Every user may only own one channel at a time.
  • The channel name must equal the name of the channel owner.
  • It is possible to share the channel and the associated costs with friends. However, it should be noted that there can only be one rightful owner. In the event of a discrepancy between the owners, the owner of the channel is the sole owner.

Channel groups

Channel Owner

  • Can kick users out of the channel
  • Can switch between Opus Voice and Opus Music
  • Can grant talk power
  • Can assign the channel groups Imperator, König, Ritter and Knecht

Channel Imperator

  • Can kick users out of the channel
  • Can switch between Opus Voice and Opus Music
  • Can grant talk power
  • Can assign the channel groups König, Ritter and Knecht

Channel König

  • Can kick users out of the channel
  • Can grant talk power
  • Can assign the channel groups Ritter and Knecht

Channel Ritter

  • Has talk power

Channel Knecht

  • Has no special permissions

5 - myTeamSpeak

It is only possible to connect one TeamSpeak identity to one Minecraft account. With myTeamSpeak you can use this identity on several devices.

That's how it works:

  • I. Register at
  • II. Confirm the email
  • III. Login in TeamSpeak:
    • a. At the computer: Tools -> Options -> myTeamSpeak
    • b. Android: click settings -> Account
    • c. IOS (Apple): click Menu -> Settings -> Account
  • IV. Login with your myTeamSpeak credentials
  • V. Repeat the steps III. and IV. for all your devices