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§1 - General

In general, the same rules as for the Timolia Minecraft-Server apply to our TeamSpeak. If you don't know the rules yet, you can read them here.

§2 - Exploiting the support channel

It is forbidden to join the support channel without good reason and to take advantage of the helpfulness of team members.

§3 - TeamSpeak avatar and username

Avatars that contain racist, sexist or offensive content are prohibited. The same applies to the username. Furthermore, names may not contain any characters that are invisible or that modify the intended size of the name of one line.

§4 - Voice distortion and soundboards

The use of voice distortion and soundboards is prohibited!

§5 - Identities and IP changers

The use of VPNs, proxy servers, IP changers and multiple identities is not permitted.

§6 - Behavior in TeamSpeak

Harassment (through messages, poking, spamming or following a user into channels) is prohibited and will be sanctioned. This includes harassment through insults, racism, provocation, threats, advertising, distribution of inappropriate links and sexual harassment.

§7 - Phishing and fraud

To prevent phishing and fraud, private trading on the server is prohibited in any form. This includes the alleged sale of Minecraft accounts, free offers, e.g. of Optifine capes and similar. Skimming off user data such as passwords and e-mails of other users by false promises is a criminal offense and will be reported to the police. Also, permanent exclusion from the Timolia network takes place. This also includes a pure attempt.

§8 - Identity Theft

It is not allowed to impersonate another person in TeamSpeak. This includes misleading names. The use of verification is recommended.

§9 - Music bots

The use of private music bots in public channels is not permitted. If you are using a music bot, a TeamSpeak team member can mark it with a special server group.

§10 - Recordings

The recording of users is forbidden under all circumstances and will be sanctioned. Team members may make voice recordings if they suspect a violation of the rules and, in the event of a ban, may pass them on to the users involved for evidence.

§11 - Penalties for infringements of the rules

Violating the rules may result in penalties on the TeamSpeak server. Depending on the hardship case, this can range from a temporary to a permanent ban. In extreme cases, rule violations are also sanctioned on other platforms of Timolia.

Ignorance is no excuse! By joining the TeamSpeak server you accept the rules.

Last updated: December 28, 2020